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I can take your footage and create a compelling story. I focus on the visuals and the message!




Color Correction: This is when we correct a video's color to look how it did on the day of the shoot. This would include adjusting exposure, saturation, white balance, etc. Color correcting and color grading are not the same. People often get the two confused. One would usually color correct before color grading (applying a LUT).

Color Grading: This is basically the same thing as applying a filter but instead using a video. Color grading can be the difference  between an amateur film and a professional film. If color grading is done correctly, amongst other things, it can really change the look of your film.

Audio: One of the most important parts of a film is the audio. Audio can make or break a film. I have seen films with bad footage have great audio, and films with great footage have terrible audio. Guess which one I would prefer to watch? Even with bad footage, you can still tell a story; but bad audio is different. I help restore, clean and build up audio. Most of the time, that is what a good film is missing, good audio. Do not let the struggles of audio hold you back.

Script Editing: Script writing is much different from other forms of writing. Though it may seem like a simple task, there are still a couple of rules that will come in handy when creating your story. Not only will I edit your script, I can revise to help your story flow. I will give you some great tips, and before you know it, you will no longer need my service. My goal with this service is to help my clients grow and unleash their true potential. Writing is a skill in itself, but writing for film is an art!

Color Correction
Color Grading



My name is Ariel Octavia and I love to create. I started writing when I was young. I won my first state book competition in the 5th grade. I continued to write as I got older, then in 2017, I moved to Atlanta where I learned about writing scripts. Ever since then I have been writing scripts. About two years ago I thought it would be cool to learn video editing. I thought to myself, "if I know how to write and shoot, then if I learn video editing I can make a film from start to finish." So that is what I set out to do. Over the past couple of years I have perfected my craft and now I am ready to chase my dreams. I am committed to always creating the best work possible, and I am here to make sure my clients are satisfied!

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Tips For Getting Great Video Quality and Audio

Lighting is important. A couple of lights can make a huge difference in how your footage comes out. If you lack light equipment, try shooting in natural light settings. Investing in an ND filter or Polarizer will help with exposure if you are shooting outdoors or in over-exposed areas.


Audio can make or break your film! If you are not able to invest audio equipment, try using voice recorders. I have seen people use their phones or hiding voice recorders near the actor while filming. These are affordable alternatives that can make a big difference in your work. 


Knowing camera angles will bring so much more life to your footage. Get familiar with the rules of thirds and the 180-degree rule. Know when to use close-ups and when to use wide shots. These things can really help set the tone of your film.





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