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Production: Whether you are looking for a full production or a show reel, Edit Forreel can help you get the job done. Pre-production can be a tedious process, especially when you're trying to do it all alone. My experience from working on sets, editing, and shooting my own films has given me the skills to help you pull together a successful production. Leave it to us to make it that much easier.

Post-Production: We can handle all your post production needs from the look to the sound. Whether your looking for a simple cut, color correcting, color grading, or help with your audio, we got you covered. 

Illustrations: A nice illustration can bring life to just about anything. From book covers to logos, movie covers, cd covers and more, we can help you create the perfect illustration just for your project. We use Adobe Illustrator to create our art, and we can create just about anything you can think of. We will be uploading more work as we continue to update the site, and you can check out some of my work here. CLICK HERE

Script Writing: Script writing is much different from other forms of writing. Though it may seem like a simple task, there are still a couple of rules that will come in handy when creating your story. Not only will I edit your script, I can revise to help your story flow. I will give you some great tips, and before you know it, you will no longer need my service. My goal with this service is to help my clients grow and unleash their true potential. Writing is a skill in itself, but writing for film is an art!

Scripts & Illustrations



My name is Ariel Octavia and I love to create. I have spent the last couple of years perfecting my skills and learning new ones. Back in 2017 I set out to learn how to create a film from beginning to end, and I have achieved that goal, finally! I have always enjoyed writing, that's where it all began for me. I am not the biggest fan of book writing because I am more of a shower than a teller, so learning to write scripts opened up a whole new world for me. 

I attended Atlanta Technical College where I was able to really learn and hone my skills. Being there has connected me with some amazing people and opportunities. School actually played a big role in helping me get out here and chase my dreams because I was able to be build that confidence, which is very important in this industry. 

I enjoy what I do because not only am I able to create my own stories, I am now able to help others create theirs. Learning a skill is an achievement, but learning that skill to the point you can teach and help others is the biggest reward in this industry. I have really enjoyed being in the industry and I always look forward to my next project. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you and happy filmmaking.

Editing & Post Production






For production, post-production, illustrations, and script writing services, please reach out for a quote. In these cases, each project is different and requires a different level of attention. Show reel prices are listed below.
Show Reel
(1/2 page script)
This is for someone looking to highlight their best work. This is a one person scene that focuses directly on the talent.
Starter Package
(Monologue + Full Scene)
The full scene can be shot with a partner as well. Since the monologue is only a half page script it is better as one person scenes. Both actors will get a final cut of the full scene.
Full Scene
(1 1/2 page script)
You can chose to shoot this scene alone or with a partner. A partner can help split the cost, and both actors get a final cut.
Premium Package
(3 Full Scenes)
You and a partner will work together on three full scenes. Both actors will receive a completed show reel which will include name, contact info, and headshot (if you have one.)



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